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3 Women Dedicated to Empowering Your Kingdom Driven Business

Hally Brooke, Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Hally was raised by very health-conscious parents who taught her about the importance of good food in its natural form. Her self-education in nutrition and exercise began in 2011 when she battled and overcame her own serious GI issues including IBS and SIBO. Her experience lead her to pursue official certifications and launch her own personal training business (Playful Fitness) in 2016.

Through her process of finding wholeness and healing as well as leading clients to wholeness and health, Hally learned that living nourished takes more than just “eating healthy” or working out. She went back to school for nutrition and functional medicine, rebranding Playful Fitness to Live Nourished Coaching.

She’s been through the ‘I quit my 9-5 to work 24-7.’ She’s had all the ideas & didn’t know which direction to go first. She has felt stuck, overwhelmed and exhausted. She’s prioritized work over her own well-being and family time. By changing her perspective and how she works, Live Nourished is now a growing, thriving business with a team of 6. She has gone from struggling, overwhelmed and flustered to become a thriving, centered, life-first CEO of a nationwide company. And she can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams as well.

Megan Nilsen, Kingdom Life Coach

Megan Nilsen is a speaker, author, life coach, and founder of the Beautiful Exchange Community. She offers Christ-centered coaching for those seeking kingdom alignment and strategy during a transitional season in faith, relationships, or vocational calling. She loves discovering what God put in the hearts of women that will help them walk in greater confidence, fulfillment, and purpose.

She is a super-connector and place maker. A community cultivator and bible study teacher. An introspective student of herself and others. She geeks out on personality assessments and podcasts. And her deepest desire is to see you set free to live a life of purpose and connectedness — to God and others.

Kristin Fields Chadwick, Wholistic Podcast Coach

Kristin Fields Chadwick, owner of Kristin Fields Chadwick, LLC., a podcast management and coaching company. Kristin manages and coaches powerhouse women all over the world by coming alongside and helping them launch, edit, and grow their podcasts. She is passionate about women knowing their voice matters and wants to empower others to create an impact in their businesses and personal lives. Kristin is the host and creator of Wholistic Podcasting: Podcast Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs. And the host and creator of Wholistic Hearts: A Journey from the Head to the Heart.

As a content creator for a top family and marriage podcast over the past five years, Kristin will bring you encouragement, inspiration, and tangible ways to live in an empowered way to enjoy life to the fullest.


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